From Requirements to Competitive Products


Aim and hit

What is a customer requirements specification? Should a specification include regulations and design restrictions? How can items be traced from a specification to a finished product?

Different types of specifications are needed in development projects. Once mixed, they tend to become too long, grow holes, and even ignore the customer. Together they form a three-dimensional requirements mesh. But seeing the big picture and recognizing the essentials are more than difficult.

The focus is lost.

Many swear by dedicated applications to manage specifications on their behalf, but this really is not a software issue. TARGETâ„¢ overcomes these problems by creating specifications fully covering the project scope. It provides 100% consistency and traceability within and among different specifications.

By applying a hierarchical structure, the focus of attention is on the essential business objectives. This helps to ensure a successful result.

Fact Sheet

What for TARGET?

Target refers to setting a goal and reaching it. Aim and hit.