Technology Management Model

Technologies create competitive advantage. They generate added value by transforming material and intellectual capital into products and services.

A factor as essential as technology must be managed. The objective is to align technology efforts and business efforts to gain the most from their combination.

Technologies are not permanent, they also have a limited life cycle. Therefore, changes need to be systematically prepared, and technologies be treated as a strategic resource:

  • What technologies should we use?
  • When should we introduce new technologies?
  • Where do we get our future technologies?

See page Services|Consultancy|Technology.

Our framework covers the entire path from strategy to practical development at three levels:

  • Strategic Level - Strategic positioning and strategy generation
  • Tactical level - Continuous planning and adaptation
  • Operative level - Product and competence development and deployment
mot framework

The framework is easy to understand and apply, logical and efficient. Loosely coupled functions interacting both reciprocally and dynamically can as well be used individually as needed.

Watch the presentation: Technology Management Framework.