Strategic Management of Technology

Technology is often mistakenly thought of as just some advanced device or an application. Actually ‘technology’ simply is a use of science- and engineering-based knowledge to meet a need.

In business (Burgelman et al.) technology refers to the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and artifacts that can be used to develop products and services as well as their production and delivery systems.

Think about Schumpeter’s classic definition of the five types of innovation: products renewal, new markets, sourcing alternatives, adaptation of processes, and organization structuring. Technologies are therefore very important for companies and other enterprises.

One must nurture and manage them. 'Management' is planning, organizing, and using resources for a purpose. ‘Strategic management’ tightens the grip (Matthews): “How do we manage technology as a strategic resource?”

We find strategic management of technology activities at three levels:

  1. Strategic Level – Strategy formulation and approach
  2. Tactical Level – Adaptation and implementation planning
  3. Operative Level – Implementation of technologies, products and services

Please check our Technology management model.


Strategic management of technology is interdisciplinary by nature. It encompasses product offering, competences, product technology, and product processes.