Project Auditing


Ensure progress

Most companies follow a phased process in product development. They monitor progress by checking whether intermediate goals have been reached. Even quality systems tend to follow this process.

Usually there are predefined criteria for milestone accomplishment. Too often these criteria are too rigid and too detailed. As a result, auditing often scratches the surface or simply becomes a burden.

Auditing should not be just the enforcement of company imperatives. It must focus on the substance, not the formalities. After all, audits are for ascertaining the validity and reliability of information.

Different milestones reflect different states of readiness, so audits are therefore distinctive and determine responsibilities accordingly.

Our straightforward and effective ASSUREā„¢ approach focuses on the essentials.

Fact Sheet

What for ASSURE?

The term 'Assure' comes from my history in software engineering. Audits are one of the most important tools in software quality assurance.