Score it!


Target on the Business Objectives

Product development is a significant investment but the steering of it is, astonishingly, still often inappropriate.

Working culture and poor discipline are often a problem. Steering deals with acute questions, ad hoc, and drills down into insignificant details. 'Stakeholders' have an automatic right to demands, but not an obligation to carry responsibility. The line organization misuses its rank to interfere, with its internal matters, in a project.

SCORE™ is objective-driven and monitors planned outcomes rather than planned actions. A simple scorecard is used to record assessments and accomplishments – together with the underlying assumptions – throughout the whole project.

The steering group follows a project from start to finish by targeting on the declared business objectives. Its role is to support, not to condemn. Since it lays out the project objectives and accepts plans in the first place, only the steering group – and nobody else – has the authority to touch them. A project should be privileged with autonomy and in a setting free of disturbances.

A steering group consists only of members possessing a genuine stake.

Fact Sheet


The name refers to the scorecard tool and also to the verb 'to score'.