Plan the Roadmap Ahead


The path to future competitiveness

Roadmaps have become widely adopted in business. They come in many forms and shapes, usually visual with a time dimension.

A common misconception is that roadmaps define a goal, i.e. where to go. That is not the case. A roadmap is about how to find a path. A motorist, for example, does not use a roadmap to declare the destination. He/she uses it to find out how to get there.

The same holds true in business: a roadmap is not a listing of projects or releases. Instead, it shows the external and internal developments that determine the possible alternative routes from the current situation to the desired one.

Efficient practical support is scarce. Brainstorming or the use of yellow stickers does not result in much more than a set of ideas or already anticipated projects.

CONCURâ„¢ consists of workshops and the task forces between them. It is a practical but effective process, where each step adds value in progressing towards a mutual goal.

Fact Sheet

What for CONCUR?

CONCUR is an acronym composed of the first letters of the individual steps in our model. It has the meaning "to act together towards a common end or single effect", deriving from Latin: concurrere "to run together"