Strategy Work

“Our planning process is like some primitive tribal ritual: There is a lot of noise, dancing, waving of feathers, beating of drums. No-one is sure exactly why we do it, but still there is an almost mythical hope that something good will eventually come of it, and it never does.”, as was confessed to Foster & Kaplan.

It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Still, the very concept is simple. Let us refer to von Clausewitz: “Strategy determines the place where, the time when, and the fighting forces with which the battle is to be fought”.

In business, the fighting forces are products, technologies, processes, organizational capabilities, and so on. Traditionally there is a division into strategy creation and implementation. Mintzberg splits the former in two. Further, by adding 'evaluation' as a process, a fourth phase hatches:

  1. Strategy formulation
  2. Adaptation and planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Strategy evaluation

Our approach is built around business options. They address the critical must-win and cannot-lose issues. The options-approach avoids premature capital tie-up, because actual investments are not needed until an explicit decision to exercise has been made.


Strategy work is interdisciplinary by nature. It often calls for different kinds of development and change programs, product offering adjustments, competence building, and process adaptation.