Our tools encapsulate expertise successfully proven in global business environments over the years. They are not off-the-shelf. They are instead prefabricated, like made-to-measure suits, with the customer tailoring the details. That means a perfect fit is guaranteed.

Like all tools, they are designed for a specific use so they can be used independently. Together, though, they neatly cover the activities needed in business development initiatives.

Why trademark™?


We are dedicated to simplicity and clarity. We love to strip the hype from terminology and de-mystify methodology. But we never cut corners. We know what we are doing, and we are careful not jeopardize the fundamentals.

Virike Consulting is an expert in strategy work, technology, innovation, and business models. We are also competent in the related fields of product lifecycles, product development methods, and project work in general.


All our assignments carry an automatic warranty for the quality of work.