Technology Management Forum

Sharing best practices

Virike Consulting hosts Technology Management Forum for companies to benefit from sharing their best practices. The goal is to bring companies together to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.

The next theme is “Strategic Management of Technology: How to manage technology as a strategic resource”. The Forum addresses issues such as:

  • developing a technology strategy that supports the business strategy
  • planning and adaptation: which technologies, from where and when?
  • implementation of the strategy: how to set up development projects and change programs

or how to align technology efforts and business efforts so as to extract most benefit from their combination. The work is based on studying and analyzing individual participants’ methods. There are mutual meetings for discussion, topped with invited insights from both industry and academia. A final report consists of:

  • Background and theoretical framework
  • Outline of the study
  • Cases
  • Analysis, summary and recommendations

Why "best practices"? The evolution of new practices takes time, so our aim is to screen for those mature industry practices ready to be applied and utilized instantly.

The Forum is inactive for the time being due to circumstances, but you can read and download a brochure for more details: Technology Management Forum.