Why Virike?

Well, to start with, a company must have a name. Finding one is not easy, nor is formulating a decent domain name nowadays. And free domains with a punchy name are scarce!

It was clear from the very first that pseudo-Latin and quasi-Greek were absolutely not options.

I wanted the name to consist of three syllables.That’s not too long, but still has rhythm to it! I wanted it to contain letter ‘k’ to give posture and ‘r’ to add edge. And the name should be easily pronounceable also in English.

The first idea was to formulate a derivative of our trademark TREFOILâ„¢, but to no avail. All imaginable variations were already reserved.

After many attempts with different approaches, the name ‘Virike’ came out of the blue. And for good measure, the name was still available in the appropriate www domains.

The Finnish word Virike means stimulus, incentive, and inspiration. It inspires the brain to action.