Virike Consulting

Founded in 2008, Virike Consulting works with strategy, technology, innovation management, and business models. We are also competent in lifecycle management, product development methods, and project work in general.

We are dedicated to simplicity and clarity. We love to strip the hype from terminology, and to de-mystify methodologies. But we never cut corners. We know what we are doing, and we are careful not to jeopardize the fundamentals.

I have extensive experience of managerial positions in a global business environment, but this in itself does not count for much: everyone automatically accumulates experience. I have always been active with new initiatives. I have been a key driver in implementing them.

I have set up several expert organizations and implanted a working culture in them. Alongside my daily duties, I have authored articles for scientific conferences and leading publications.

My academic pursuits do not imply a quixotic theorist. On the contrary, I have always appreciated simple yet efficient solutions.

That's why our motto is simple.

Kari Hakkarainen.